My Fitbit seems to be inmortal


I woke up early this Saturday morning to the ringing of the phone. After taking a shower and waiting for the plumber to fix the faucet of my bathroom (not at the same time by the way), I separated my clothes to do some laundry at home.
When I got downstairs, I prepared the laundry machine and while it was filling with water, I decided to take a look at the dryer machine. To my surprise (well not really because it has happened to me before) there were still some clothes left inside the dryer and I think that batch was from days before Christmas 2012!! Here’s the thing: while I was folding some clothes, I checked the pocket of one of my boardshorts. To my surprise, I found my lost Fitbit. For those of you who doesn’t know what a Fitbit is, it’s an electric device used to keep track of steps taken, calories burnt, floors climbed and things like that. My point is that it is a powered device that took a complete cycle of washing inside the laundry machine with soap and softener and after that, it endured the heat of the dryer machine.
When I first checked it, it didn’t turn on but I was hopping that the reason was because of the Fitbit’s battery ran out of power. My guess was accurate!! When i put the Fitbit on it’s charging dock, it immediately started to charge!!
I don’t know yet if the device is gonna act completely normal after the charging process but if you are planning on getting a personal data tracker, I highly recommend this one.
You can sync it with your iPhone, android or windows phone 7.5 or 8 or download the newly listed app for your Windows8 PC.
Well the laundry’s cycle is over now. I’m going to keep folding clothes hoping not to find any other surprise in the process.
See you all in the next post!

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First post!

Hi everybody!
This is my first experience as a blogger. I opened this blog in the final days of 2012 but just managed to find some time to write on it. Hope you all enjoy reading my thoughts which, by the way, are not that interesting but they can sure help you on a moment of boredom.
I speak Italian, English and Spanish but will be posting mainly in English.
Until next post!

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